About Artruist

artruist has specialised in contemporary mixed group/mixed media exhibitions since 1998.

While often approached by artists to consider selling their work, this would only have been feasible if we had opened a bricks and mortar gallery. In doing so, this would have made it impossible to continue to work as a truly independent curator and organiser of exhibition programmes elsewhere which was our prime focus.

However things have changed and more artists’ work, particularly if editioned , is being sold online than ever before.  We feel the time is now right to start to build a series of Inspired Editions – limited editions by selected artists, which will be exclusive to artruist – which we can promote online.

All of these editions will come in low numbers, making them more collectible: e.g. most edition sizes will be lower than 15 and none greater than 30. The Inspired Edition range will only be available from artruist.